Founded in 1985, TERMO ELETRO operates in the fields of automation, electrical, mechanical, and refrigeration, serving national and multinational companies in the manufacturing of customized products and the provision of specializedservices.
  With expertise in the agribusiness sector, Termo Eletro specializes in the manufacturing of industrial machines and customizations such as cotton ginners, equipment for environmental conditioning with temperature and humidity control, weighing systems for seed plot harvesters, and in seed research with processing, classifying, counting, drying, selecting, treating, threshing machines, among others.
    In addition to the conception and production of customized products, Termo Eletro provides services in the areas of electrical maintenance, refrigeration, motor rewinding, resale of automation, electrical, and refrigeration parts, as well as container rental.
     With experienced and qualified professionals, we always seek the best solutions to contribute to the increased
productivity and growth of our clients!

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