.Rental of refrigerated containers

Refrigerated containers or refreer, is used as wherehousing or storage of products or feeding goods that requires temperature control and humidity.

TERMO ELETRO makes available in the market containers that have great advantage compare to others kinds of storage, though they are equipped with the latest technology in the area of refrigeration, highly resistant and can be moved around.
Generally, it can be applied to seed storage, perishable goods and ice.

Technical Specifications
Container dimension 40 feet
Length: 12.192 mm
Width: 2.438 mm
Height: 2.591 mm
Length: 11.554 mm
Width: 2.241 mm
Height: 2.290
Door opening
Width: 2.338
Height: 2.280
Maximum weight: 30.480 kg
Tare weight: 4.520 kg
Load: 25.960 kg

Note: Approximate measurements, subject to minor variations.


• 220V is the rated voltage, the maximum drop of 190V and 230V peak.

• 380V is the rated voltage, the maximum drop of 360V and 400V peak.